Take a ride into Hyperspace

..With me, of course. I've gotta get out sometime or another. Unnamed Project updated to version r-340!! Check it out!

Current, active, open projects..

Hi, I'm coke! I code a lot..

Some of my strengths, even though not actually real languages, are HTML, CSS3, JavaScript and most recently Java and PHP. I spend most of my time tinkering and messing around with different JS libraries just to see what I can create; with random success. I have a very object oriented mind set and thinking process, which for some reasons makes me good in PHP somehow. I can take a program or a webpage and decode, in my mind, how the script would be written. IE what variables are stored where, how they are called and what methods they aare used for and where they come from, etc. I'm good at math, too. Can't stand English class, man!

What do I work on?

If you take a look at my GitHub, much of my repos and code are publically available; although there's a lot more than what you can see, as there are quite a few private repos. You can learn more about them all..

What I'm doing right now..

Currently.. I have open repos.

What I'm up to!

I do quite a lot of different projects! A few examples of what I'm more geared to are below..

Unnamed Project

An unnamed project forked from the idea that Minecraft can still be played in-browser, whilst using Javascript instead of Java. Check the button at the beginning of the page to view it.

88x31 Archive

A small collection of 88x31 buttons in an effort to make them available in one large place. If you've made a button yourself and would like in in the archive, email summeywummey@gmail.com with the 88x31 image file attached as an image, not a seperate file. If the button is supposed to link somewhere, include the link in the body of the email. The name of the button should be in the subject of the email. If you can, also include the words in bold "<button_name> - Button Archive" in the subject field of the email.

Lets talky talk

For business purposes, right? Yeah, obviously. no? oh; ok. ;( i'll just leav..

  • Address

    1 Coca Cola Pl SE
    Atlanta, GA 30313
  • Email

    coke@cokes.services , coke@create.cokes.services , summeywummey@gmail.com
  • Phone (Inquires Only, Please!)

    (980) 339-2573 This number has nothing to do with the real me! Whitepage it and the information that you receive is not linked to me in any way! If you'd really like to talk just let me know.. but I tend to keep my phone in airplane mode more times than not so sorry if I don't reply very fast.
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